We manufacture, deliver and assemble blast chambers designed for abrasive equipment (also called sand blasting, steel grit blasting). The chambers are designed for one or many types of abrasive material (steel grit, glass beads, fused alumina and many others), also with a floor conveyor of abrasive material for abrasive recirculating system

Dust collectors are used to collect dust from the workspace in the blast chamber created when the blast chamber is being used. We offer them with efficiency ranging from 1 500 m3/h up to 33 000 m3/h.

The Abrasive recirculating system is designed to gather and escort the abrasive material from the blast chamber floor. We offer individual solutions depending on the blast chamber purpose.

We offer shutter gates with electric drivers and service doors with an inspection visor. Both are adequately prepared to work with the blast chamber.


The ceiling and wall lightning of the blast chamber is produced from top quality components. They are resistant to abrasive material blast damage and its  dust-proof casing guarantee long-life exploitation.