Available tank capacities: 25, 40, 100, 200 litres (0,025m3 – 0,2m3).
Most common customer choice. Assembled with valves produced by the world famous Schmidt company, produced in the USA (Micro, Micro II, Thompson ,Thompson II, COMBO). Operated with pneumatic or electric control.


We are also able to install older type of control and abrasive material valves, if the customer wishes so. For example, we can offer abrasive material valves as follows: FSV, PVR-G, SGV, GVA etc., control valves: : RCV-125, RMS-2000.

Available tank capacities: 500 to 8 000 litres (0,5m³ - 8m³).
Large scale blast machines can be prepared to be operated by 2, or even 4 persons. They can also be stationary or mobile. We adjust to the customer needs.

The mobile dust free vacuum blast machine system provides efficient surface cleanliness (compared to other dust free vacuum blast machine solutions). It has a complete vacuum system based on a  centrifugal fan.

There are two possible ways of soda blasting – dry and water injection blasting.
The sodium bicarbonate gives practically unlimited possibilities if it comes to cleaning delicate items. It is also ecological and completely water-soluble.


Electric control uses an electric impulse to operate the blast machine. For the safety of the blast machine user, 12 V voltage is being used.


Pneumatic and electric „deadman” controls are designed to control the blast machine. In accordance to the polish law (Rozporządzenie Ministra Gospodarki, Pracy i Polityki Socjalnej z dnia 14 stycznia 2004 r, w sprawie bezpieczeństwa i higieny pracy przy czyszczeniu powierzchni, malowaniu natryskowym i natryskiwaniu cieplnym (Dz. U. z dnia 4 lutego 2004 r.), it is obligatory to use only the blast machine that is controlled from the user workplace. In the „deadman” type control, any wanted or unwanted releasing of the lever immediately stops the blast machine from working. Any unwanted blast machine start is also impossible due to use of a fail-safe switch.

The Combo Valve is a normally closed, self-sealing, fail-safe valve. that combines the functions of the air inlet valve and blowdown valve, eliminating premature failure of the blowdown system. It can be controlled with a pneumatic or an electric remote control. When the “deadman” control is pressed, the valve’s unitized piston assembly instantly shifts, opening the air inlet and pinching the blowdown hose closed, starting the blasting operation.
The Combo valve eliminates the need for abrasive traps, expensive plungers or diaphragms that can require frequent, unscheduled and costly breaks in work. The hose can be replaced in just a few minutes, and any service or repair can be easily performed without removing the whole valve. The large internal air passage minimizes pressure loss common to other systems.

Only by using the original Schmidt valves, are we sure that the quality of our product is top level and impossible to copy. We are the only company directly selling Schmidt products in Poland. Our customers are certain, that the product offered will always meet their requirements.

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