Clemco CQP Claw Couplings


Max. working pressure: 12 bar
Working temperature: -15 °C do 50 °C
Center distance of quick coupler: 58 mm


Type of fitting Hose dimensions
CQP 3/4 19×7 mm

internal diameter – 19 mm

outer diameter – 33 mm

CQP-1 25×7 mm

internal diameter – 25 mm

outer diameter – 39 mm

CQP-2 32×8 mm

internal diameter – 32 mm

outer diameter – 48 mm

Guarantee of quality
The original Clemco product.

CQP-1, CQP-2, CQP 3/4 claw connectors are universal connectors made of lightweight and durable plastic. They are equipped with special split pins which, after connecting the connectors, protect against accidental disconnection.