Thompson II XL Schmidt valve


Abrasive material: all kinds
Can be connected to the control system: YES
Revision hole: YES
Built-in knob position indicator (VPI – Virtual Position Indicator): YES
Additional reinforcements: YES

Guarantee of quality
Original product from the American company Schmidt.

We recommend avoiding cheap valves from unknown manufacturers whose quality leaves much to be desired.

Why is it worth buying a Thompson II XL Schmidt valve??

  • Suitable for all types of abrasives.
  • Accurate dosing of the abrasive thanks to the improved built-in dial position indicator (VPI – Virtual Position Indicator).
  • Fast service possible thanks to the audit piece.
  • High strength castings with additional reinforcements in places that are most exposed to abrasion.
  • The recessed piston increases the stability of the spring, which makes the valve actuation quick and smooth.
  • The new design of the inspection hole plug improves its tightness. Fast service becomes even easier.

Thanks to many years of work and vast experience in the design and production of abrasive blasting parts, Schmidt technologists have created the most durable and technically advanced abrasive valve. Thompson II XL is above all solidity, very high quality, additional reinforcements and many amenities that can significantly increase operator comfort.