ReS-3 helmet

Why is this sandblasting / shot blasting helmet worth buying?

  • the operator is protected by two protective glass (one polycarbonate, the other taped glass) and a metal mesh plus gaskets,
  • all wearing parts can be easily replaced without having to buy a new set,
  • you can easily connect this helmet to both the air regulation system and the air conditioning kit.

Guarantee of quality
Product of a recognized manufacturer!

We also offer all spare parts for helmets (including aprons and lenses) and breathing air filters.

The helmet is produced by a recognized Polish manufacturer of OHS equipment for abrasive blasting and metallization. We offer you the whole set, which includes the following parts:

  1. A helmet with a protective apron
  2. User manual
  3. Warranty Card

Helmets come in different variants. Helmets with the “G” marking are intended for shot blasting. Helmets with the “O / H” marking have built-in ear-muffs. Each helmet has a breathing air flow indicator.

In accordance with the requirements of the PN-EN 271 standard, helmets must be completed with a system regulating the amount of breathing air entering.

Helmets can also be connected to an air-conditioning kit (also in our offer), which cools or heats the air entering the helmet.