Blasting chambers

Why is it worth investing in a blasting chamber?

  • Large savings. High-quality shot with a well-designed abrasive recirculation system can be used up to several hundred times!
  • Safety. Our chambers have proven systems that protect the operator against injury.
  • Comfort of work. The abrasive recirculation system, efficient dust collector and remote-controlled pneumatic cleaner make the operator’s work much easier.
  • Modern production planning. Thanks to advanced control systems, full control and analysis of equipment operation is ensured. Remote diagnostics via internet connection is also provided.

Guarantee of quality

Our many years of experience in the production and assembly of shot blasting chambers and the use of components from the most reputable companies in the industry (Schmidt, Airblast, Clemco, Semperit) guarantee high quality!


Our blasting chambers are designed individually according to the parameters accepted by the Investor. Below are only the potential components of the set and possible configurations:

  • The chamber can be located inside an existing hall or constitute an autonomous external object.
  • Abrasive recirculation system. It usually consists of a cleaner, a bucket elevator, an abrasive separator and a hopper tank.
  • Floor scraping system.
  • Transport gate. Rolled, swung and pulled out, manual or automatic, protected.
  • Batch system. Upper (suspended) or lower transport (track, carriageways).
  • Dust collector. Performance adjusted to room size and type of abrasive.
  • Lighting. Side and ceiling.
  • OHS accessories. We offer full accessories needed to protect the operator.
  • Wall platforms. Increased operator’s workplace, useful for cleaning bulky materials. Landings can be mobile or permanently installed.

WARNING! We also manufacture chambers for metallization. You can read about the unique device for arc spray metallization. here.


We manufacture, supply and comprehensively assemble shot blasting chambers for blast cleaning (so-called sandblasting, shot blasting).

Blasting chambers offered by our company can be single and multi-abrasive (abrasive type: shot, aluminum oxide, glass balls and others), be part of an existing hall or be an autonomous object.

All devices, being elements of a blast room, are controlled using the Main Control Board. Thanks to this, it is possible to constantly monitor the chamber’s operation. The display provides information on service and service events, and allows you to view alarm events.

It is possible to transport and install a blast room in Poland and abroad. Our devices comply with Polish and European environmental and health and safety standards.

Each of our blast rooms is made according to an individual project, approved by the Investor. As part of the project, elements such as:

  1. Shot blasting chamber dimensions (see our work),
  2. Abrasive Recirculation Systems,
  3. Dust collectors and ventilation system,
  4. Gates,
  5. Lighting.

At the individual request of the Employer, we enable equipping the Chamber with Batch transport systems. As part of this system, we offer comprehensive solutions, such as:

  1. Upper batch transport system
  2. Lower batch transport system – equipped with concrete running belts secured with sheet metal, or rail track, together with a service trolley.