Working equipment

The Flat Sand Valve is used to provide precise metering of abrasive from the blast pot to the blast hose. Used with less aggressive abrasive media (e.g. sand)

Abrasive hoses are flexible, highly durable and abrasion resistant. You can use them with every abrasive material available. Depending on the type of hose they have different abrasion resistances, e.g. Semperit SM1 hose – 36mm3 (according to DIN 53516:1987), SM2 hose – 60mm3. Max. working pressure – 12bar.

This device is connected to the hose instead of a traditional blast nozzle.  the Hollo-Blast Junior is manually pushed through the pipe.  Abrasive hits the tungsten carbide deflector tip and fans out to clean the 360 degree interior.  Air will blow spent abrasive and contaminants out of the pipe.

Next generation Holo-Blast Junior . Designed to clean pipes 51 – 76 mm inside diameter. Connected to the hose instead of a traditional blast nozzle. For cleaning pipes of bigger inside diameter (76 – 127 mm) the product uses a lightweight aluminium carriage, which is quickly adjusted by knurled locknut.

Similarly to Hollo-Blast, this is also a device attached to the blast hose. It is equipped with a carriage and three nozzles of varied orifices and centring . When full rotating speed is obtained, the abrasive control valve is opened and the abrasive material ejects from the spinning nozzle. You can also regulate the spinning speed.

 The fibre-reinforced quick couplings are made of light and durable material. They have been equipped with lock springs preventing from unwanted detachment. They fit on the 25x7 (CQP-1) and 32x8 (CQP-2) hose.

The iron cast couplings are designed to connect the blast hose to the blast machine.  They fit on the 1 ¼” thread (CFT-1)

Oferujemy kompleksowy osprzęt dla operatora prac czyszczenia strumieniowo-ściernego ( piaskarza, śruciarza):

  • Filtry powietrza oddechowego jedno i wielostanowiskowe
  • Przewody oddechowe.
  • Hełmy do śrutowania i piaskowania typ Resin
  • Kombinezony pyłochronne.
  • Rękawice robocze.
  • Zestawy klimatyzacyjne.
  • Układy regulacyjne.
  • Części zamienne: wkłady filtracyjne, fartuchy wymienne hełmów, szybki, siatki...


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